Hydraco Industries Ltd offers different types of commercial inspections to certify your equipment.

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Crane Inspections

Hydraco Industries Ltd offers yearly inspections and 10 year inspections on lifting equipment. We arrange to have each crane get the proper testing done which includes the necessary NDT or engineering services to inspect and give their stamp of approval. In addition to this, we also perform stability testing and load testing of each crane/ picker. Aside from cranes and pickers, this service can also be performed on telehandlers and other lifting equipment.



Hydraco Industries Ltd has extensive knowledge and experience to CVIP your vehicle. We perform inspections and certifications on all types of vehicles including highway tractors, school buses, trailers, motor coaches and trucks. If your vehicle is required to have an inspection done, give us a call and we’ll get it booked in.



Our techs at Hydraco Industries are trained and certified to perform tank inspections on several different types of tanks. We are certified for “V” “I” “K” “P” “U/C” testing on TC406, TC406 crude, TC407, TC412 and TC44 tanks. Call us for more information.


Level 3 & 4 Rig Inspections

In addition to manufacturing oilfield equipment, we offer level 3 and 4 inspections on equipment that has a mast on it. Our technicians are very meticulous with their inspections and will make sure that everything is up to spec. We involve engineers and NDT inspection services to make sure the rig is safe for operation.